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Study Results Published in Diabetes Technology and Therapeutics Show Clinically Significant Improved Glycemic Control in People with Diabetes Using a Smart Blood Glucose Meter and Mobile App

MALVERN, Pa., June 29, 2022 – LifeScan, a world leader in blood glucose monitoring, today announced that the peer-reviewed journal Diabetes Technology and Therapeutics (DTT) has published Real World Evidence of Improved Glycemic Control in People with Diabetes Using a Bluetooth® connected Blood Glucose Meter with Mobile Diabetes Management Application, describing results from a retrospective analysis of real-world data from more than 17,000 people with diabetes. A subset of these results was first presented at the 15th International Conference on Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes (ATTD) in April.

Using real-world data, this study aimed to understand if using the OneTouch Reveal® mobile app with the OneTouch Verio Reflect® meter – synced via Bluetooth® wireless technology – could support improved glycemic control for people with diabetes. Researchers examined anonymized blood glucose readings from over 17,000 people with diabetes from a LifeScan data-lake comprised of 4,154 people with type 1 diabetes (T1D) and 13,623 people with type 2 diabetes (T2D).

“This new real-world evidence provides further reassurance that the latest app-connected blood glucose monitors offer meaningful clinical benefits for people with either type 1 or type 2 diabetes,” said Dr. Oliver Schnell, Founder and CEO Sciarc GmbH, Germany. “Along with improved glycemic control, pairing blood glucose monitors with apps also enables people with diabetes to easily and accurately share the data and insights remotely or in-person with their healthcare providers.”

The retrospective analysis found that using the OneTouch Reveal app with the OneTouch Verio Reflect meter:

  • Improved glucose readings in range (70-180mg/dL) by +8.1% in T1Ds (37% of T1Ds saw a +10% improvement), and by +11.2% in T2Ds;
  • Reduced hyperglycemic readings (>180mg/dL) by -8.5% in T1Ds and -11.3% in T2Ds; and
  • Reduced mean glucose by -14.5mg/dL in T1Ds and -18.2mg/dL in T2Ds.

The data also showed that spending as little as 11 to 20 minutes per week in the OneTouch Reveal app led to:

  • Improved glucose readings in range in T1Ds by +8.4% and +11.8% in T2Ds; and
  • Reduced hyperglycemic readings (>180mg/dL) in T1Ds by -9.12% and -11.76% in T2Ds.

This analysis includes data from people with diabetes who had blood glucose (BG) data available in the data-lake for both the first 14 days using the OneTouch Verio Reflect meter with the OneTouch Reveal app (the baseline) and the 14 days prior to 90 days usage (90 days). A total of 2,069,390 and 4,550,601 BG results were available for the 4,154 T1Ds and 13,623 T2Ds, respectively, over the entire 90 days (See TABLE).

“We now know that connecting a mobile health app to a blood glucose meter, both of which are readily accessible, can add clinically significant benefit to people’s diabetes management,” said study co-author, Dr. Elizabeth Holt, Head of Global Medical, Clinical, and Safety, LifeScan. “These findings are particularly meaningful because over 95% of people with diabetes who monitor their blood glucose rely on blood glucose meters vs. more expensive continuous glucose monitoring devices.”

Study Methodology
Anonymized glucose and app analytics were extracted from a LifeScan data-lake of 4,154 people with T1D and 13,623 people with T2D. Data from their first 14 days was compared to the 14 days prior to the 90-day timepoint using paired within-subject differences.


Time on app (Per Week) ≤2 minutes 3 to 5 minutes 6 to 10 minutes 11 to 20 minutes 21 to 60 minutes >60 minutes
Diabetes Type T1D (n= 355) T2D (n= 849) T1D (n= 514) T2D (n= 1 265) T1D (n= 655) T2D (n= 1 728) T1D (n= 721) T2D (n=2 439) T1D (n= 1 107) T2D (n= 4 701) T1D (n= 802) T2D (n= 2 641)
Mean Glucose (mg/dL) +0.84 -5.05 -2.48 -14.20 -5.53 -17.79 -15.11 -17.81 -9.20 -19.60 -29.36 -22.40
% Reading s in range (70 to 180mg/ dL) +0.16 +3.00 +2.98 +8.13 +3.45 +10.54 +8.45 +11.87 +11.03 +12.18 +14.13 +13.40
% Hyperglycemic readings (>180m g/dL) +0.05 -3.12 -2.78 -8.43 -3.48 -10.77 -9.12 -11.76 -11.51 -12.35 -15.33 -13.57
Average Test Frequency 3.02 2.15 3.15 1.99 3.19 2.02 3.05 1.97 3.04 2.04 4.08 2.66

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